Our Partners
Takigawa Co.
Based in Japan, Takigawa Corporation Canada is a leading force in pet food product packaging and labelling and the manufacturer behind Petzlove™ packages’ easy-to-use and quality-preserving triple zipper design. The packages that Takigawa Co. produces are widely used in the industry, and we are proud to be partnering with them in providing consumers with sturdy and durable packages for their Petzlove™ products.
PLB International
Located near Montréal, QC, PLB International is reputable Canadian company with expertise in the production of premium pet food products such as our very own Petzlove™. PLB’s dedication to quality and safety is renowned within the industry, and it is a manufacturing partner with whom we enjoy great relations.
Yian Food Ltd.
YIAN Food Ltd. is a food production company based in Shanghai and the trusted supplier of multinational corporations like Disney, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Metro, Marzano, etc. It also serves Canadian brands like Tim Hortons. YIAN food Ltd. is the parent company of AITCHL Ltd. and is responsible for our retail operations in China.
AMIND is a team in Toronto that specializes in creating and launching web landing pages, design logos, posters, and other graphic materials for businesses and personal use. We implement, leverage and maintain web hosting for customers. We are glad to be partnering with AITCHL Ltd and bring their wonderful products online.
Partnering With Us
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